Collaboratively Being Listened as Evolutionary Biologies

WE are (Multi-Dimensional) Explorers 

BEING Explored and Awakened into and AS The Embryology of Consciousness

HERE to (WE) Meet the magnitude of OUR Human Potential 

For the Transfiguration of OUR Humanity 


Sacred Embodiment
Collectively Conceived
As Eros, Loved Embodied

As an advocate and activist for BEING the full manifestation of this divine contract we agreed to (individually as collective), to embrace, align and cohere within the original principles of life as sacred embodiment, is my invitation to you.

Through the well fortified structures of protection, physical and emotional, historical, cultural and ancestral, emerge being reconceived as the original Divine design you are. Pure creativity. Choosing to no longer be informed and formed inside a prison of trauma.

Becoming an Embodiment for Our Future

My personal journey has led me to become the full expression of my divine purpose. As a guide, oracle and mentor I am here to have those I am in all relational fields with, BE in my light presence to transform, transmute, realign and awaken to your divine purpose, in service to life, alive ness, in service to love. Embarking through the portal of personal transformation to that of our collective humanity, Embracing Global Alignment as Sacred Relations is my invocation.

Your Body Vessel as the Full Expression for Your Purpose in

BEING Fully Alive

Sacred Embodiment

What is the deeper request we are being invited inside of, that far exceeds what we believe is here to be healed? Distortion? Pain? Illness? Suffering?

Structural ReAlignment Integration (SRI) is a breakthrough sustainable modality focusing on the sacred geometry of the body. By using a series of focused movements, we can create energetic pathways for healing so that we can live vital, pain-free, vibrant lives.

Book of Spiritual Anatomy in Cleveland, OH

Meet Me Here Within These Pages

Reading these words inside these pages, feeling these words as resonance, is a memoir to my love for this human form, this structure we embody. Journeying with hundreds over four decades, together we have discovered the connection between physical pain and energetic congestion, creating misalignment. In Spiritual Anatomy through historical patterning, ancestry, epigenetics, beliefs and emotions, a powerful approach is offered for unraveling your deeply entangled distortions and protections, bringing your body to alignment, pain free.