I had the great good fortune to work with Ginny after my diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. She was recommended to me (from my Naturopathic Physician) in order to address some of the emotionally charged energetic factors contributing to my disease process. Dealing with emotionally charged energetic factors was not something new to me, as I had done a great deal of spiritually-based energy work prior to our time together. But I must admit that my work with Ginny was very different then anything else I had experienced.

The work that Ginny does in her private sessions is difficult to describe to someone who has not seen it or experienced it firsthand. Ginny is very gifted at reading and mirroring energy in someone and this allows her to direct exploration of memories that may be long forgotten; memories that carried some energetic pattern distortions that eventually manifested as physical distortions.

From my work with Ginny I was able to recognize certain energetic patterns that manifested physically, that in turn created blockages to my Life Force. As an energy worker myself I understand that any blockages to a person’s Life Force sets up a potential for a disease process to take hold.

The process that Ginny walked me through was much like peeling back to layers of an onion. With each session there were little kernels revealed that further unlocked the energetic blockages. The process itself seems very subtle but could be very draining. I often felt as if I had been through a vigorous workout! Of course with a little nap and some time to process the information (physically and emotionally), I always felt much better.

I am grateful for the work I did with Ginny as it has helped put me on a path to healing energetically as well as physically. That healing has helped to push back the progressing disease process in my body.

Deb Wellmes

Structural Realignment Integration

Yes, physical transformation is possible! Personally and professionally I have witnessed the seemingly miraculous physical changes resulting from the pelvic realignment and core body work described in Structural Realignment Integration. With a foundation as a teacher of Iyengar yoga, Ginny Nadler has developed a technique that focuses on the central impact of correct anatomical alignment of the pelvis and spine, increasing vitality, returning us to easy movement and physical freedom.  Whether experiencing physical limitations and pain, caused by birth trauma, childhood stress, medical illness, or physical injury, or being a “baby boomer” like me, wanting to increase physical flexibility and core strength, (Hey, to just be able to sit without that low back support or stand up without rubbing our knee!), this work will take you beyond what you thought possible.   

Through individual and group attention and exercises that teach us how to balance muscle groups, release long term patterns of tension and stress, and promote a sense of well-being, this information, these insights, and exercises  give us healthy alternatives to develop and maintain health and agility.

No longer exclusive to the young, the buff gym regulars, or the elite athletes, at whatever age you are now, your physical abilities and healing potential are greater than imagined.

Cynthia Taylor, M.D.

Fellow, American Psychiatric Association Diplomate, American Association of Psychiatry and Neurology Diplomate, American Association of Family Practice

Ginny has the extraordinary skill of intimately connecting viscerally and emotionally with me, as a client, from 3000 miles away. She carefully mends and weaves the fractures of separation and rupture from abuse into a beautiful coherence in the pelvic floor. Because she understands and lives from a unified state of being, her perception is global and expansive. With her kindness a wave of love is available to disentangle knots and liberate my heart and soul. It is a precious and rare gift to work with Ginny Nadler.

Rebecca Conner, MA, LMT

Trauma Integration Facilitator


The wonderful work with Ginny and her team on Saturday showed itself through this poem today.  With wonder and gratitude for what we discovered.


The Maple Leaf

reminds me that I am a five.

I have two legs, two arms and head.

I have five senses, I taste, I smell,

I see, I hear, I feel.

The sixth includes another five.

At least there might be more.

I count at least five in my heart

five more beyond the head.

And there are five beyond my feet

they tell me as I walk.

I can reach them if I stretch my arms,

stretch my legs and move in circle round.

I become a star, a snowflake and

shine from inside out.

What is the center I ask myself.

It has to be my pelvic floor.

That’s where the universe resides

inside this precious star.

The maple leaf has done its wonder

it has reminded me

of who I am and how I shine

from deep inside the world.

I am everything all at once

my mind can’t get this fact.

It is ok, the mind, as is.

If only it allows

the shining undisturbed

and undistorted out.


No matter how much I practice I could not seem to go deeper in my poses.  I blamed it on my “tight hamstrings!”  After one session with Ginny I literally felt the separation of my muscles from my bones.  I was standing in my bones!  I felt stronger, longer and truly flexible.  I finally understood how down dog could be considered a rest pose.  For the first time in down dog my heals touched the floor. I was not forcing them down like I usually do.  They rested easily on the ground. It wasn’t my hamstrings that needed stretching it was my pelvis that needed unwinding. I did not feel like I was bent over I felt like I was standing tall.  Through Ginny’s method I am able to understand what needs to happen internally in each pose.    That was the information   missing from every other yoga, Pilates, and gym class I had attended.  Every time I take class I bring Ginny’s teaching in with me.  Her method is simple and can be used anywhere whether you are in a yoga class or waiting for the subway.  Ginny has enriched my yoga practice and my teaching.  I am so truly grateful.

Christine Nichols

Licensed Acupuncturist & Yoga Teacher

And yes, it is amazing how far you’ve come with the spine, upper and lower. And the anterior, the shoulders rounding, the abdominal cave. You have transformed! A lot of work but I’m sure you feel worth the effort.

Client's Massage Therapist

The experience of working with Ginny Nadler was surprising and deeply personal. Her knowledge, abilities and guidance took my body and spirit on a journey of unraveling the body’s response to past injuries and remembering Wholeness. The atmosphere in which we worked was always loving, positive and supportive; she was very present, even though each session was on Zoom and we were miles apart. By her close attention, I could tell she was feeling and reflecting what I felt. She was able to identify places in me where energy was so habitually stuck that I couldn’t feel until she pointed it out. Through our work, I feel freed from old fears and reunited with parts of myself I had long ago cut off. And, Ginny taught me the tools to go further with this work on my own. Through our work, my body feels better, and I notice I am better able to respond to life’s situations with presence, with more wholeness, better able to see people as they truly are. What a gift! Her work is truly making the world a better place, one body at a time!

Lisa L.

I cannot overstate the impact that my work with Ginny has had on my life,  For many of us, decades of living can result in a very fragmented self, our journey looking like a mismatched jigsaw puzzle accompanied by our great frustration at not being able to understand how we got here or how to make it any better.

Ginny has a gift for gently and compassionately guiding you back to yourself.  She has committed to working with equal attention on body, mind and soul, thus helping us to integrate this trinity so that we may become more whole.  She encourages us to honor our past, while at the same time helping us to recognize our choices and (as she says) “strategies” that have created the tapestry of our lives.  It is only then that we may leave behind that which no longer serves us.

Thank you Ginny, for opening your heart to us and sharing your knowledge and wisdom!


That was a remarkable experience. Your clarity of movement, your good natured way, your articulateness, your sophisticated—especially your sophisticated approach to alignment.

Aside from leaving differently than I had arrived. It left me with many thoughts about the perineum (and how it relates to the spine)  separating compressed joints, and the contrast to my last few years of orthodox Iyengar.

Thank you, sincerely,