What is SRI?


Bringing Alignment Back to the Body

As two-legged beings we all stand on one leg more than the other. It’s a pattern we created from the moment we took our first steps. As a result, our muscles have raveled in opposite directions on each side of our pelvis creating an imbalance in our posture that leads to all kinds of physical problems, from lower back issues to hip injuries to an overall lack of energy and vitality.

Structural ReAlignment Integration (SRI) is a groundbreaking modality that helps you bring your bodily structure into balance, starting with the pelvis, so you can experience greater freedom of movement and prevent injuries. Through a well-documented series of movements, SRI helps to unravel the layers of distorted muscle that cause unnecessary imbalance and pain so that energy can move through your body freely. The space you create will allow you to live a vital, pain free, vibrant life.

It All Starts With the Perineum

When we are growing inside our mother’s womb, the very first structure formed is the perineum (between anus and genitals). Our entire body emerges from that primary physical structure. And it is here that our imbalance also begins–in this one inch area in the very center of the pelvis. The muscle fibers are stretched across, and spiraled around this space. Over time, as we grow and develop, these fibers pull, twist and torque the fibers further out from the perineum, ultimately pulling and distorting bigger areas that will eventually pull and twist the bones out of alignment. The body is an architectural structure and there is not one part of the structure that is not affected by the pulls and turns of another.

SRI starts with the perineum, working to unravel the physical source of pain. Through a guided program into the core of the distortion we are able to teach our own anatomy to unravel, becoming informed responsible participants in our own well-being. We discover how to release the muscles spiraled around the bones of the pelvic floor, across the pelvis and around the femur bones.

The goal is to stand balanced on our bones, to extend our leg bones deep into the earth, allowing our structure to be supported by the musculature. SRI focuses on creating space within our bodily architecture to open energetic pathways for healing and freedom of movement for a life time, pain free.



Creating New Cellular Pathways

When we have been injured, whether emotionally or physically, our bodies create unhealthy patterns that become embedded in our cell structures. Studies have shown that cells communicate via mini-projections on the cells. These projections become deformed through overuse, exercise, an aging body out of alignment, injuries that cause us to compensate in the way we attempt to hold the structure upright. The resultant muscular imbalance does not allow healthy cellular communication. It is here that Structural ReAlignment Integration™ begins.

The process of Structural ReAlignment Integration™ improves cellular function creating pathways that are open and through which organ systems are fed. SRI provides the map and the tools to enliven the nervous system and bring awareness to areas that have previously had none. When the pelvis finds its correct alignment, muscles release their hold on the bones, muscle tone is normalized, and perception changes. Releasing the distortion in the musculature changes the messages firing between the muscle fiber cells.

Awakening the Sacred Geometry of the Body

Becoming an embodied being in a structure with a skeleton that is held together with musculature is something that we must understand both in our mental intelligence and our cellular intelligence. This journey–energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally–is all about movement. We are light in formation and we are informed by light. The energy at the base of the spine, where all the nerves emanate from the spinal chord, to feed every organ in our body, must flow freely to allow us to be completely informed by the light. The cerebral spinal fluid flows through us like water through a garden hose. When that hose is twisted and torques in a variety of places along the viaducts, the base is not fed, the journey in the river all the way from the head to the base and back has many traffic jams and we become limited in the energetic flow to the organs. SRI is focused on liberating that natural, divine flow of light and energy through us by restoring the sacred geometry” of our bodies. In doing so, we not only support our physical health, but we also create a conducive atmosphere for our creativity and curiosity. Aligning our bodies unleashes our ability to fully live our purpose here and give our gifts exquisitely.



This unique and inspired system teaches you how to look deeply into your own body, how to understand its language, and most importantly what to do about it! It empowers you to take an active role in your own health and well being. I feel the freedom in my body, in my bones and joints, in my breath and the flow of my energy, it truly is transformative work.

Tina DiCillo


At 34 years old I had severely herniated a disc in my lower back. For a year I went to multiple doctors, specialists, physical therapists, and healers. I only got worse, to the point where I could not lift my arms over my head to wash my hair without excruciating pain all the way up and down my right side of my body. I went to Ginny as a last hope to avoid surgery. Using the work and her guidance in the muscles in the pelvic floor I was able to free my body from pain and restore function. The work I have done with Ginny’s guidance is an unraveling the distortions in my body. I have the key to freeing my body from all the dysfunction it has performed.

Ginny is able to see structure and body architecture in a way that very few people can. She is a masterful teacher in connecting her clients to their own body’s’ freedom. I don’t know if I would be able to live the life I live now without Ginny’s help at that crucial time in my life. Her guidance still helps me to this day. She is a miracle worker.

Caryl Church

Workshop Participant

Benefits of SRI

SRI has proven effective for a wide variety of injuries, including neck, knee, shoulder, hip, and lower back. Serious medical challenges, as with my cancer clients, find opening the pelvic floor and releasing energy creates more energetic flow with the release of long held areas of protection.

By working with SRI, you and your clients will:


  • Learn to listen deeply within in the inner layers where distortion resides and feel where misalignment originates
  • Increase awareness of previously unconscious areas that have been hidden protected from feeling
  • Open the doorways to release long held trauma responses
  • Alleviate post-partum and incontinence issues
  • Free sexual energy
  • Re-align distorted musculature so you can stand, sit and move with ease
  • Free up your pelvic floor to allow the flow of energy to every organ system to prevent illness
  • Become a more enlivened available energy body
  • Be available to live fully alive and creative

I've been working with Ginny for seven years. I can tell you from going to all different types of treatment that nothing was effective until I started working with Ginny.

Doug Trostler

Marathon Runner

A Framework for Other Methods

Practitioners in all movement modalities can benefit from SRI, be they yoga teachers, athletes, chiropractors, or anyone working to improve body alignment. This approach is a teaching method that can be learned easily and reproduced within a variety of modalities, including:

  • Physical therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Somatic therapy
  • Yoga
  • Dance and dance therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Naturopathy
  • Chiropractic
  • Network Spinal Analysis
  • Oncology
  • Pilates
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Emotional Trauma Therapists
  • And more. . .

Whether you are working with a client who has pain and injuries, or you are a yoga teacher, body awareness therapist, or a student of movement, SRI can help build your awareness of the raveled, spiraled, and distorted musculature and fascia in the perineal area, the source of the pain cycle. With this awareness and specific guidance from Ginny, you can learn how to unwind these distortions to free the pelvic floor and spine, so that your clients can stand evenly on two legs, pain free.