An Exploration, Being Listened AS Divined Illuminations

Here WE meet OUR original conception and taste the source of our beginning, AS the Embryology of Consciousness 


Our 3-month group togethering


Meets weekly online in Zoom

Replays are available the next day


Being Explored in the deep crevices and spaces revealing OUR original agreement, conceiving with Divine Illumination, here in these still quietings OUR voices emerge, birthing the new language WE are.

Finely attuned with resonance and vibrational tones WE are Being Listened, Touched, Being Breathed, Created in these embodiments AS OUR true conception. Here WE burst forth as pure creativity.

“That which was born into this world IS Being Borne into the Heart”

-Alana, a Being Listened Participant



Does your heart feel called to Be Listened HERE more deeply?

Are you curious?

Is your soul song asking to be met collaboratively?

Schedule a time to BE with US below.


“What a gift to find a space like this, where being is the only goal. And what is better than doing it  in community and collaboration? Ginny and Jess are capable of holding whatever comes from our deepest listening of being together. For me this experience has allowed a practice of non judgment and pure joy amongst other humans, also realizing that a lot of us are here sharing the same awe of existence and need for its expression . This is  a magical space for present beings, what a different way to be  and share with others in these crazy times. It has brought much needed peace to my life….thank you.”

~ Deborah

“Being Touched in every nanosecond—-
How do we enhance Being Aware of Being Touched by Life, Big Life, Cosmic Life, Spirit Life, Universal Life?

Being Aware of the touch.
Being Aware that Listening is the eternal presence.
Being Aware of the Total Awareness that is Who WE Are.

And this waking up to the enormity that we ARE —- never not Being Touched.
We ARE never not Being Listened.
We ARE never not Being Moved.
WE ARE never not Being.”

~ Alana

“It is the opening
and it is the darkness
it is how everything belongs”

~ anonymous

This exploration is for us…

… propelled to emerge, NOW!
…together, BEING attuned with our first “agreement” as Divine Illumination
… ready to be transfigured as illumined energy bodies, meeting our first conception AS LOVE
… being un-known
…surrendering to be touched with the deepest knowings—TRUTHS OF BEING evolving us.

There’s so much of us that is hidden from us. This is the excitement of life… let’s live the surprise together!




Divinely Embodying,

WE are The Embryology of Consciousness

An energetic oracle, advocate, and activation, BEING the full manifestation of a divined contract with my original conception as Divine Illumination IS the focus of my life journey —- embracing, aligning and cohering with the original principles of life — sacred embodiments.

A guide into the physical source of our beginnings as embryological embodied illumined formations, WE are Being Listened as energetic conduits. Radiant awareness, Being Aware of Being Aware. This has been and IS my journey. Pure creativity. No longer formations of well-honed structures of past histories, WE conceive together Who and What WE ARE as energetic, Divine Conduits of Love. Sacred, Collective and Erotic Embodiments, Being Listened. Here, WE see, meet, feel and are touched with OUR transfiguration of Humanity — All of the nature WE are.

For this I am here in relational fields with those embarking on this mystical journey, Collaboratively BEING Birthed as OUR original conception. Light Unleashed to transform, transmute, align and together spark OUR divine purpose. WE enter the silence, Listen and are Listened with the language of vibration, resonance, and WE are birthing The Embryology of Consciousness.

Hence the birth of Collaborative Conception.


 Describing the essence of who I am proves to be a fluid and evolving task. The rapid pace of transformation hinders the confinement of self-identity within a specific category. While I once labeled myself a therapist, my ongoing self-exploration and attunement to our collective energy prompted a departure from tethering myself to a singular framework.

In the presence of others, I come into existence in the current moment, where the heart, breath, soma, and listening coalesce to establish a profound connection with the present energy. Recently, I find resonance in the titles of Heart Priestess, Light Doula, Creatrix, and Breath Guide, encapsulating the essence of my being during our shared listening sessions.

Our collaborative space transcends the boundaries of the mind, body, and spirit, fostering a blend of curiosity, kindness, and joy. Together, we curate an environment that encourages exploration, journeying, and meaningful connection.


I am barely able to find the words that describe me partly because the full force of life has fallen me into the land of the wordless. For most of my life I’ve been the nest holding but now I feel I am the egg that has yet to hatch.