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We are in a moment of radical awareness, exploring what holds true value for us. How are we actively shaping the exchange of our heart’s currency?

The current economic structure, still clinging to symbolic paper for power and status, urges us to conform, to mold ourselves and our humanity into transactions. We, friends, are not transactional. We are here NOW to be enlivened currency that generates connection, creation, and love.

We are here investing in conceiving the full embodiment of our sanctity, as citizens of World.

It’s not only an investment in your own transfiguration but also in the transfiguration of humanity.

Now is a time to be moved into living our sacred heart currency. No longer exchangeable, we are holy birthed… we ARE beings born whole. 

There is undeniable power in these sacred exchanges beyond the paper, the gifts from the heart~a number cannot be placed on this gift WE ARE.

At the core of our togetherness lies a relational field we co-create—a space where we converge as one, resonating with sacred listening. This exchange is the most profound… enduring beyond the temporal, cascading from us and into forever.

Heartening Together, 

Ginny, Jess, and Melissa