Sunday, January 7, 2024

Noon-2:00 PM
(Eastern Time)

9:00-11:00 AM Pacific
6:00-8:00 PM CET
4:00-6:00 AM Monday in Australia
6:00-8:00 AM Monday in New Zealand
1:00-3:00 AM Monday in Bali, Indonesia

You’re invited to…

Meet the unbounded, unleashed expression of your Divine Luminessence, your Divine Essentiality

Embody pure awareness, alive as crystalline energetic movement, freely Untethered

BE in an experimental field Being Listened as these spacious conduits of Grace We Are

Live OUR evolutionary journey and birth OUR new humanity

The Zoom link will be sent for this no-fee togethering of soul-full presencing. 

Our deepest quandaries all appear as separation from the nature of Being nature. In this profound Now, we are living this, touched deeply with the forceful expulsion of energy in the Middle East warring, to devastating earthquakes, all quakes that our bodies feel intimately. Our bodies, holding, restraining movement, creating chronic conditions. Together, aware of all WE contain IS the invitation to embody our divine nature. 

We are in a deeply transformational time. Together.

You may know this, and now is the time to live this. Accountable together, supportive together to meet this essential flow, a river of Divine movement WE ARE.

The many years meeting my embryological beginnings in this embodied structural home awakened an intimacy into the source of our beginning in the pelvic floor. Hence anatomy, embryology, anthropology, and years of exploration to be the most highly tuned conduits for the movement and flow of divine light. 

And those that came with physical stories embedded in the connective tissue met and unraveled their anomalies at the source of their beginning, meeting their sacred embodiment as Divine Nature. Conceiving with the Divine Light of Love as a new conception in this body now. No longer do we need to leave this embodiment to BE conceived, again and again, moment by moment. 

Our physical bodies are a reflection of our clearest alignment with the principles of Source. Structural behavioral protective patterning has been designed and is reflected in these sacred vessels we are. 

Hence, this physical home in which we live and are the caretakers of must be of the highest attunement so that we can “BE LISTENED”… BE the wayfarers as transformers, as conduits. 

This, my heart full friend, is COLLABORATIVE CONCEPTION.

Being conceived in these amniotic waters as love.

For the past year plus, [Melissa Maxwell, Jessica Garet, and I with Rylie Rose providing amazing support] have been meeting regularly to BE listened rather than TO listen. We have essentially given ourselves over to the experience of simultaneously becoming the drop of water and the ocean. 

And we meet spaciousness where…

  • the belief that “healing in order to” BE whole is vaporized
  • our tightly wired and protected patterning is met with essence and freed


  • we meet our original conception as Divine Belonging 

What we have found is that this type of listening is ONLY possible relationally… collaboratively. These gatherings of listening beings, a nest, a place of rest. We are requested collectively to be heard. 


This excites me! To be on this exploratory journey together! 

So join us for a mysterious, essential, and timely “togethering” on Sunday, January 7, 2024. A year that promises us much transfiguration. I’m excited to be in the “no agenda” space together… I’m inviting us to be aware of being aware in this “no-fly zone”… a zone of being that we are choosing to BE explored and hence we BE explorers!



Sunday, January 7, 2024

Noon-2:00 PM
(Eastern Time)

The Zoom link will be sent for this no-fee togethering of soul-full presencing.