Collaborative Conception Is Birthed

Collaboratively Conceiving together in fields of precise attuned Listening, AS Divine Essence, WE are an activated emergent Listening Collaborative Community. 

This exploration as an experiment in living our original conception with Divine Illumination has us Being Listened, from and with the source of our beginning in these embodied sacred vessels — Grace Full.

Stories, histories, energetically vaporize their claim on us as WE meet OUR Evolutionary journey — The Embryology of Consciousness.

WE are THIS invitation together, vibrationally opening to Who and What WE ARE. Collaboratively conceiving your living journey invites engaging with others to shape and co-create your life’s path.

Please keep abreast of this experiment we are Being invited to — OUR Divined Original Conception

Together, WE are Listening as WE are BEING Listened.


Collaboratively Conceiving

Our 3-month group togethering, meets online once a week

Being Explored in the deep crevices and spaces revealing OUR original agreement, conceiving with Divine Illumination, here in these still quietings OUR voices emerge, birthing the new language WE are.

Finely attuned with resonance and vibrational tones WE are Being Listened, Touched, Being Breathed, Created in these embodiments AS OUR true conception. Here WE burst forth as pure creativity.

(our intention with including this below is that this might offer curious others insight into what a fellow CC listener expressed during our togethering- might we put this in this section as a reflection- ie: here is what someone felt/heard/expressed in our CC exploration) 

This is what Alana, Listening US birthed:

“That which was born into this world IS Being Borne into the Heart”


In her work with hundreds of clients over the past four decades, Ginny Nadler has found an important connection between the physical pain you experience and the energetic roadblocks that are deeper in the cell structure, in the very fabric of your being. In Spiritual Anatomy, she presents a powerful approach for unraveling your deeply entangled distortions and bringing your body back into alignment.


Be Listened in personally with our Collaborative Innovators as WE intimately listen for your essential prescient voice. 

Here WE meet your/our originally conceived agreement AS divine illumination, before being birthed into OUR structural, historical, cultural, and formative designs. Our long-held agreements are thinning, spaces opening, and revealing pure essence. 

If this is a yes for you, click here to schedule a free 20 minute call to BE Listened together and design your unique exploration with us.


A Revitalization of Your Organization??????

Invite US to emerge with YOU, conceiving, birthing, and weaving the creative magic of your organization’s design.

Together, WE curate a listening field, with what has already been seeded, as your original shared vision and creative design. Honoring your collective expression and creation, listening and attuning for what is asking to be cultivated.

To BE the full expansive expression and participation in OUR Global Transfiguration is this invitation.